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More AR schematics!


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Thanks to Ken and Keith, we now have ten more documents online for you AR fans.

Here's the quick rundown ..

AR-18 final assembly

AR-4xa system assembly

AR-11 system assembly

AR-10pi system assembly MK I

AR-3a system assembly

AR-5 system assembly

LST-1 system assembly (page 1)

LST-1 system assembly (page 2)

Midrange reworked for the classic AR's

AR-10pi system assembly

Some of these came out very light. I'm not sure if printing will make them clearer, but I'll give it a shot Monday.


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>Some of these came out very

>light. I'm not sure

>if printing will make them

>clearer, but I'll give it

>a shot Monday.



Yeah, unfortunately about a third of these had yellowed badly and also seemed to be printed lightly to begin with. The combination of the two really made it hard to produce a good scan due to lack of contrast. Hand-drawn documents are harder to scan than plotted due to the inherent variability in line weight and blueprint reproduction. Were these originals it would be a tad easier :-).

I tried many combinations of image manipulation on scans like the AR3 assembly scan. I could improve the image somewhat but, in the process, too much information and detail were lost...as if there was a lot to lose. So, I only reduced the size to make them manageable. If anyone wants to take a whack at the original images, I'll be happy to e-mail them to you.

As these documents (in general) get older, the paper will yellow (action of acids in the paper I beleive) and the printing will lighten. That's why it's important to preserve them digitally as soon as possible. I offered to scan whatever Ken would send my way since I have nearly unlimited use of this scanner.

Have fun.


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