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Asbestos Used in Advent Loudspeakers?


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On the rec.audio.high-end Google discussion group, the following exchange took place in response to a question about the possible use of asbestos in vintage loudspeakers, particularly the AR-2AX:

On Sun, 04 Feb 2007 16:20:12 +0000, zibbit wrote:

>"I have been told and have been reading about asbestos used in AR speakers

> (maybe others). Does anyone know when AR used fiberglass that may have

> contained asbestos and what circa speakers might contain asbestos i.e. is

> there any reference that you know of that indicates which AR model numbers

> might contain asbestos and the year of manufacture?

> Any information you might have on the use of materials containing asbestos

> in vintage speakers would be on interest to me.

"Fiberglass does not contain asbestos, the two materials are completely

different. In the US bans of asbestos started going into effect

around 1973. Speakers made prior to that date could potentially contain


"This would only be a concern if you plan to open up the speaker and work

on it. If left undisturbed and in a sealed box (AR speakers were acoustic

suspension) it is not likely that the asbestos would be a hazard. It is

when the asbestos becomes airborne that is becomes a problem."

(***End of quoted material***)

I was wondering (somewhat uneasily) if anyone on this forum knows whether asbestos was used in any of the early model Advent loudspeakers. I own a couple of the original, or near-to-original, Large Advents, and, like many of you, replaced the foam surrounds as a do-it-yourself project, so I'm curious what I might have been exposed to!


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This is a perfect illustration of why the "newsgroups" enjoy the reputation that they do.

All it takes is one yahoo (and there are plenty out there) to pipe up and declare something and it ends up becoming "fact."


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