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Photos of custom Smaller Advents would have been posted tonight, BUT

Guest russwollman

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>...the file uploading thing does not seem to work. I tried,

>but nothing at all happened.


>Does anyone know how to post photos as attachments?

Hi Russ;

I'll try to help you here.

I've taken a photo of something and it is saved to my memory chip.

I insert the chip in my reader and it shows me my two saved files.

One is 1.4 meg and one is 14 meg in size.

I save them to a folder, say photo1,

I use my Windows Explorer and highlight the smaller 1.4 meg file and right click on the smaller file.

It prompts, what do you want to do?

Email it to yourself.

It should ask if you want to reduce the size for transmitting, accept yes.

You now will have an email from you to you, a nice guy to a nice guy, and that photo is only about 35 - 40k in size when it downloads to your email box.

Save that attachment to another folder you create called photo2.

Come back to this site and topic.

Do your write-up, before posting, click below on attachment area.

It will now prompt you to browse **step 1**, this is where you will search your computer for the photo2 folder and low and behold your 35 - 40k photo.

Click on that small photo.

Now, assuming you have only that one photo, slide down slightly to ***step 2*** for the choice of imports and JPG should be your choice.

Below you are prompted to ***upload***.

Of course if you have more than 1 and less than 10 photos you would need to go back and browse, and jpg again, for each photo.

If you want to send only the single photo you may also send the 1.4 meg for better resolution instead.

The larger file will of course be accepted but will fill the websites hard drive quicker.

Hope I haven't screwed up.

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Guest russwollman

Thanks, Vern. You're always around when someone needs help. It's good.

I tried what you suggested, but it didn't work.

Then I read in "FAQ" that the administrator has to enable the picture attachment function. So I wrote the administrator.

My computer knowldege is extremely limited. I have no fascination with them whatsoever. I know just enough to get by. Strictly low-tech lifestyle. No cell phone, no cable TV, no Blackberry, no IPod, no SatNav, no WMD, no online banking, no digital camera, no BS. Just great sound...

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Hi Russ;

I guess I made an error in my instructions, sorry.

But, you do like music, that is what counts.

I'll try see where I went wrong and try it again.

I just went back to alter a few things, please re-read it again, Russ.

If you are still having difficulties please let me know and I'll try to follow you through again to see where I can help you.

I don't own any of those things either, except the camera.

I just went back again and highlighted my changes.

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Guest russwollman

You made no error, Vern.

I assumed I could upload photos directly from my machine using the attachment function on the post form. But that can't be done. The administrator has to enable that function.

Otherwise, to post an image, you just post the URL for the image.

I recently found out what URL means. But they still wouldn't give me the decoder ring or clue me in on the secret handshake.

Computers are a questionable boon at best, or, at worst, a marvelous instrument for accelerating the decline of culture and civilization.

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You might try something that I just learned recently. Go to a free photo hosting site (I use Photobucket http://photobucket.com/ ) open an accopunt and upload your photos to your account. You will see under your upload photos in you account 3 lines:

URL Link


IMG Code

You can use (if I remember correcly) the URL tag to link to an attachment. If you want to post the photo to show with your post add the IMG Code to you message. Below is an example of what I mean.


By clicking on the above mentioned line of text (IMG Code) you will see a little copied flag pop up. This copies the link, you can paste this link into the body of your post and presto, there is the photo showing in your post. Large Advents showing here as I have no smaller to post.

I find also having 2 sessions of my browser open I can jump between the sites to copy info back and forth.

Hope I did not confuse you totally and that this will help.


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Guest russwollman

That's the ticket, James, especially for someone like me. I thank you. It was easy.

Maybe someday most computer technology will be as transparent as glass.

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