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Kloss on Advent


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Thought I'd share a couple of Henry Kloss's comments about Advent from a 1996 interview. Kloss; "We started Advent in 1967 to develop projection TV, but work in projection television is far more expensive than work in audio, and money runs out after awhile. Surprisingly, the audio loudspeaker buisiness did not go to the majors, RCA, Zenith, etc., it still belonged to the small specialty companies. Fine, we'll go back and make loudspeakers, and we did, and sold more among our particular audience than we'd ever done. That was the Advent Loudspeaker. Then we did an interesting varient and made something that sounded exactly the same, 3 db less efficient. As the laws of physics tell you, in one half the volume, you can do this. You save alot of money, but performance can be exactly the same, and it was. That was the smaller Advent. It was thought to be a lesser Advent, which it never was. It should have been far more successful because it cost a whole lot less. It was a product of importance, I still listen to it."

That's a fine endorsement for the small Advent from the man himself! I'm a KLH guy, but after reading that, I must find myself a pair of these little Advents !


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Thanks a lot andy. I have always kinda wanted a pair of the Smallers but haven't actively sought them out. Now, thanks to your post of what HK actually said, I may have to.

Also, I've always wanted a pair of mini moonscape looking things in my living room :^)


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Guest gkentsmith

Andy and Doug,

By all means GET A PAIR of Smallers. Here's a tip or two for you in case you go to "you know where" for them.

First, be sure to buy the green tweeter version of the speaker. This is not due to the tweeter itself, but the changes inside the box. Not long after Kloss left (about 6 months later), Advent went on a cost cutting binge. Aside from phasing out the green tweeter, they also changed the material used in the box. The original versions of the three variants (Utility, Walnut, and Smaller) were originally stuffed with fiberglass. Starting in mid 1975, Advent went to the foam rubber stuffing. This change only slightly affected the performance, but I have enough of both types that I'm sure I can hear a very very subtle difference, especially in the low bass.

Second, do not buy a pair in which the ring shows any sign of having been "cut down" to fit (as in Stereophile 05/2006) unless you are willing to refoam them yourself. Despite their other failings, Simply Speakers has a very properly fitting surround for the Smaller Advent which I use. There are one or two other sources of 9" surrounds out there if you don't want to use Simply Speakers.

If you buy one that needs refoaming, don't be faint hearted. the actual work is about as easy as it gets, but you'll need a test tone CD to check the voice coil alignment. Cutting off the "moon scape" dust cover is almost impossible and you might well damage the cone doing so. Be very certain that you get the voice coil properly aligned; that's the one thing about this particular woofer that's a bit touchy.

As always, I'm glad to help with selection and advice throughout your adventure. Trust me, you'll be overwhelmed by the quality of these things. As you seem to have discovered, Andy, this was a speaker that Henry Kloss considered HIS CROWNING ACHIEVEMENT. Of special interest is who actually voiced the speaker. Think Boston Acoustics; the founder (Andy something-or-the-other) who started BA did the voicing of the Smaller Advent.

One last tip. If you do go to that other site and see a pair of Smallers, let me know you want them. I try to buy every one of them that comes up; I'd step aside for you and could also try to assess them from the auction info and pictures.

Good luck,


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