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Thanks to Keith Hatfull!


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I'm in the process of sending all the engineering blueprints to Keith Hatfull. He is converting the files down to much smaller size while retaining excellent quality. (I'll let him expound upon how.)

Check back over the next few days as I get these documents online.

Thanks again Ken! This is a huge addition to the site for the rabid AR fans out there.


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>I'm in the process of sending

>all the engineering blueprints to

>Keith Hatfull. He is

>converting the files down to

>much smaller size while retaining

>excellent quality. (I'll let

>him expound upon how.)

Sure. I kept them as TIFs but with compression using Paint Shop Pro. It has about five types of TIF compression and I finally settled in on "FAX CCITT - 3" which is lossless. This is the same compression format used by the vast majority of fax software and fax machines. The LZW compression PSP defaults to wasn't readable by the AlternaTIFF IE plugin that Mark recommended (which is cool by the way). The FAX compression should be readable by most any imaging application as it's a pretty pervasive standard.

These ended up being smaller for a majority of images that either GIF or JPG. Trying to resize didn't work too well as some of the engineering notes have heavy artifacts from the scanning process and became unreadable if the image was knocked down in size to anything worth doing. So, this seemed to be the best compromise.

>Check back over the next few

>days as I get these

>documents online.


>Thanks again Ken! This is

>a huge addition to the

>site for the rabid AR

>fans out there.

And, I told Mark I have access to a blueprint scanner at a client I work at so I can do more. If anyone has anything else of interest to the site and can get it to me I'd be happy to do it. I also have several flatbed scanners here at work so I can get just about anything scanned and again, would be willing to do it.


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