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Picked up a pair of Advent/4's today for $20 while getting an Akai CS-M02 cassette deck. The guy had thrown them in his car while bringing the cassette deck by my office.


- were they worth $20 and how are they as a small speaker. I hooked them up to a Marantz 2225 I have to give them a listen and they seem to work just fine.

- are they worth keeping. I do not expect large speaker sound and at the moment I do not have a good space to test them out in (sitting on the floor of my home office at the moment).

I have a number of AR's and value the opinion of the members of the forums. Sometime I would like to ad some larger Advents and KLH to my stable of classic speakers.

Thanks for your opinions and any info on specs that you can share.

Have a good one.


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