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5002s and Maestro series

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Guest esphoto

I'm interested in any information regarding these two models. for example: manufacture dates, specs, ratings, resale prices and reviews. I own a pair of Classic New Large Advent Loudspeakers and am hooked on them. I'm considering adding to my collection.

Any info would be much appreciated!

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I read about the Advents when they first came out, heard them shortly after the introduction. My family bought a pair around 1972, when I was in my early teens. So I knew them well, and was very curious about them. I always thought that the coloration in the midrange was at least partly due to trying to match a 10" woofer to a small tweeter and was surprised by how good they sound with Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) which disproved that theory. This raised my interest in them since it is clear that they have more potential.

My project started out just to rebuild my parent's pair of early 1972 Large Advents. I didn't like the speakers enough to follow them over the years, I certainly knew about the smaller Advent, and heard them often, and the New Advent which I did not hear until recently.

I read that the New Large Advent had significant improvements over the original which recently increased my interest in them and a friend gave me an old pair which I am currently rebuilding. The midrange is even worse with the New Advent.

I was surprised during this journey to learn that there were 2 revisions to "The Advent Loudspeaker" crossover and therefore 3 versions. The New Advent was a redesign, and there seems to be only one version of that speaker.

People spoke of the 1" black dome tweeter in the 5002 and I was curious about what sort of crossover was used. I saw a pair of 5012 crossovers on ebay and purchased them thinking that was all I needed to know. The tweeter XO is 3rd order, 7 uF to fuse, fuse to .6 mH (.45 ohm) shunt, 32 uF to 3 ohm, 3 ohm to tweeter +. The woofer gets a .5 mH (.4 ohm) in series.

Then our discussion lead to the Jensen round magnet woofer version which

looks the same from the cone side, however the motor geometry is somewhat different and I'm curious to learn more about them.

I'd like a dead 5002 woofer to disect and measure to determine the motor geometry, if anyone has one to spare.

I'm half looking for a pair of 5002s in my area so that I can avoid

potential damage having them shipped.

I found a pair of Maestro's locally, does anyone know if the woofer and tweeters are the same as in the 5002? I mainly want them to measure the 5002 round magnet woofers.

I can rebuild the 5002 crossovers that I have and set up the Maestro's so that they can also operate as 5002s. I'm not sure if the enclosure volume and dimensions are the same, anybody know?

Reverse engineering the 5002s will hopefully finish my analysis of the Large Advent family.

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Just curious: why don't you operate the Maestros in their original 3-way configuration?

I've always been fascinated with that model's 5" grey cone/dome polypropylene "donut" midrange modeled after Kloss' tweeter that is used in the speakers he designed while working at Advent.

Anyway.....in the brochure for the 6003 (the previous designation for Advent's 1st 3-way model) they implied the woofer was optimized for a three way system, and that its bass output was improved. I'm guessing that probably means that its midrange performance will suffer in comparison to the woofer in the 2-way 5002.

BTW: sorry don't know the exact cu/ft specification, but the Maestro's enclosure always looked taller than the Legacy's (the 2-way version) by @5 inches.

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Thanks for the info Stormy.

I would use the 5002/12 crossover because I'd like to hear a


And yes, I'd also like to hear the Maestro.

I believe that the box is bigger and the woofer, *might* have a lighter cone but I'm not sure.

I do have a pair of Legacy woofers that need to be refoamed - anyone know if they are the same as the Maestro woofers?

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