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Fusing The Larger Advents?


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Hi there

Does anyone have the original Advent fusing information for The Larger Advent?

I know the recommended fusing for the Smaller Advent is 1@ slow blow.

With all the write-ups I have read on this site, including the copy of the Larger and Smaller owners manual, there hasn't been a fuse recommendation that I could find.

Actually I don't think fusing was even mentioned.

I do hope someone has this very important information.

Thank you.

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Hi Dave

Thank you for very much your welcome and valuable feedback.

I am still looking for anyone who may have, and there must have been, a published document from Advent stating their recommended fuse size.

There may have been individual letters to owners with this information.

I believe I've read at least once, where it was mentioned, I believe it was the Double Advent review, that Advent stated a different fuse size was used rather than their recommend size.

They just didn't mention the recommended size.


If only they had added this vital information, with one more sentence or included it with their manuals or brochures.


1. they didn't know what size fast blow or slow fuse to recommend.

2. maybe this information would have scared off interested potential buyers.

3. the fact that they recommended a 1@ slow blow fuse for the Smaller Advent showed that at least later on they weren't afraid to publish this data.

I have used and recommend a fast blow 1@ fuse in a open fuseholder since like forever, just to be safe.

Just 25 cents versus a new tweeter, doesn't take much thought for that idea.

Were you ever blowing fuses or drivers?

It is nice to read of someone else who values safety with their speaker system.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback, Dave.


ps We are talking about speakers 30 years old but by looking at eBay you can see we will be seeing them on the availablity market for years to come.

>Back in the day when I was using a Phase Linear 400 to drive

>my Large Advents, I used a 2amp fast blow fuse in line to

>protect the speakers.

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