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Update to The Classic Speaker Pages!


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Believe it or not, I got around to making an update today.

New in the AR Documents section is a February 1971 speaker specifications document which includes pricing!

I hope to get around to figuring out what to do with the large collection of full size engineering documents (incl. schematics) for some of the most popular AR speakers which were generously donated earlier by Ken. The primary issue is that these documents are for the most part between 2-4 megs each and if I put them all online I think my connection will be hosed. If there is someone out there with high end graphics tools that would like to take a shot at scaling and clarifying these than I can work something out to get them all to you. I tried to get these scaled down with Macromedia's Fireworks 4 and too much detail was lost, even when using 1280x1024! Keep in mind, these were full scale blueprints that I had to get a professional shop in Boston to scan to just get them in digital form.


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Hi Mark;

Have you put them in the most efficient format? The blueprints should be convertible to 1 bit black & white, and in .gif format, should not take up too much space - for a larger image, a thousandth or less of the space a .bmp would.

For color (many colors), .jpg are more efficient - but it is pretty poor for 1 bit color.


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Can you send me one scan? It doesn't matter which. I have some very talented graphics people here at work who might be able to figure out how to trim them down well.



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