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Large Advent Stepped Enclosure

Pete B

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Here's an idea for a stepped enclosure, I had the tweeter baffle from another project:


Thought I'd start a new thread concerning this idea, this was previously posted:

Hi, yes there was a trend with KEF 105s, B&W 801s, Vandersteen, and many others where the enclosure stepped down in size to help imaging and I also thought to help the system disappear. But there are many other audiophile designs that disappear and do not use stepped enclosures, Thiel, Dunlavy, JMLAB, really most others. I believe the stepped enclosure helps with imaging but most important for the speaker to disappear is an accurate frequency response that offers a convincing illusion to the ear-brain of the real thing being in the room. The mod is to correct the frequency response of a smaller baffle while still allowing the smaller baffle to provide more of a point source at least in the drivers lower frequency range.

Your comment suggests another mod, the tweeter could be put in a small enclosure on top of the Advent box as was done with the B&W801 for example. Turning the box upside down would also bring the woofer closer to the tweeter since the woofer is very close to the bottom. I don't know if this will offer any significant improvement in imaging but it's easy to try.

Hope you try the BSC, like to hear your comments!

>I'm tempted to try this, as I always thought Advent's biggest

>weakness is that they don't disappear. I am a little confused

>because I read that modern speakers disappear because of their

>slimer profile vs. the wider boxes of vintage speakers. But

>your mod is to create a bigger baffle ?

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