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KLH Model 23 Speakers

Guest dbradley

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Guest dbradley

I own a pair of Model 23's. The woofer in one of them needs reconing. I have been unable to find anyone with the parts, and the only people who offer to try it without parts admit that they need to see it first, may not be able to do it, and are a long way from New England (where I am) so I would have to pay to ship it with no certainty that it will be repaired. Is there anyone with parts, or a working woofer they would like to sell, or knowledge of a rebuild shop in New England or eastern New York State?

The woofer is a strange size (10 3/4"). I have heard that other models (5's or 6's?) used the same sized woofer. I'd be willing to buy another 10 3/4" woofer made by KLH even if it didn't come from a Model 23.

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