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Update: AR Engineering Scans


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I ended up getting the AR engineering documents scanned in at Johnson Reprographics, just off of Beacon St. in downtown Boston. They actually had a scanner that could accomodate these blueprints, some of which are @ 3' by 2'!

Anyway .. major problem.

The scans are in some cases 7200x4803 pixels, and fourteen scans (I did the most interesting of the group of @ 30 for now as this wasn't cheap!) total about 40 megabytes.

I really don't want to post a 40 megabyte file on the website as I'm sure it will cause bandwidth problems with my ISP and I may be close to my limit on disk space.

So .. I've tried to scale these images down to 1600x1200 so they are easier to work with and much smaller in terms of file size, but too much detail is lost. I'm using Macromedia Fireworks 4 to do the scaling.

I'm open to suggestions .. I'm thinking about posting the index of what I have so far scanned and what I have not, and emailing them out as attachments to visitors on an as requested basis.

I could also send the package of scans to someone more proficient with image editing who can then try and scale them down to a more realistic size to then post here.


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