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KLH Model Ten


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I just posted a picture of the KLH Model Ten in the KLH section. Does anyone have any information on these?

See below ..

"Subject: KLH Research 10 Speakers

I have 4 of these, but I cannot find out any information on them. They are Model #SCX-A. I have attached a photo


Tommy Marchant"

If anyone could assist Tommy I am sure he would appreciate it.



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The model Ten was introduced in late 1962 or early 1963....unfinished-$86, mahogany-$89, walnut-$94. Was one of the few KLH models which were of ported design (the others beinng models 14, 14B, 15, & 19). In October 1963, High Fidelity Magazine reviewed them saying " response of the model 10 was found to be among the smoothest yet encountered.....the bass was still clean at 45 cps and dropped off at 40 cps. the midrange is outstandingly smooth and the extreme high end extended to beyond audibility." KLH recommended using them with an amplifier up to 60 watt output.

Production was pretty low on these, maybe 10 to 20,000 ? which is much lower then the models 6, 17 & 20 which each had over 150,000 units produced. The model Ten can be purchased pretty cheap these days because buyers jut don't know much about them..a recent ebay auction - a nice pair sold for $28. ! They are definately a great sounding speaker that you don't see that often.

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Guest tafpyper

I have no first hand knowledge but this info is from a 1979 directory:

List price $500 each

38" x 15" x 13-1/2" 8 ohms

26-33,000cps. +/- 2 db.

12" megaflux woofer,900cps crossover,1-3/4" dome, 5000 cps crossover

1" dome, 7000cps crossover

2-DVR super tweeters (similar to Infinity Quantum Series tweeter)

40 w min., 200w max.

Megaflux woofer is a high excursion woofer which will handle 200 watts at 30 cps. without loss of control.

Hope this is helpful, Dave

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