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AR 3 mid problems


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Hello i'm finding that the AR3 mid I'm restoring a pair the mid ohm at 3.1 but the tweeter puts out more sound so picked up some other mids ohmed out good but same problem the crossovers are resored and the pots bypassed before i got them.

so I took one apart and found that the white stuff used to seal around the domes is hard flaked of like paint the dome could not move. also foung it down inside the gap. hardened up. when i got most of it removed the dome could move up and down the points of foam were still good took the front plate off and the coils was in great shape but the wire lead are so brittle they broke off the first time the were touched. these could be save if could get new leads onto them and new silicone sealent around the dome but the wire is not easy to conect copper leads to?

I now have four of the AR3 mids like this not blowen but froze

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