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AR9 AR90 Pair of Midrange Speakers $270 S/H Ouch!!!


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Hi, An Auction on E-bay recently fetched $270 USD - $346 AUSSIE $$$ For a second hand pair of midrange's to suit the AR9,AR90,AR91,& AR92, To me thats a lot of $,Like to know what the rest of you AR Fan's Think, Of late AR components & speakers have been fetching big Dollars, (Gota be in the right place at the right time for cheapies),

But There Again if you have a pair of the above speakers & need a set of Mids or Tweeters to bring them back to life again it would more than likely be worth it considering not many speakers (Other Brands) can match The AR Verticals for quality & sound & price. Even the earlier models Like the AR3 & AR3a up to the AR303 Ect, From what Iv'e read on this site are Awesome!!! only wish i could here some of the latter AR's dont see many here in Australia, My first pair were AR94,

Chow4now Brett.

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