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  1. I bought my 1st stereo in 1980, A pair of AR 94s Denon DP30 L Turntable n Stanton 681 eee Cartridge n stylus & a Technics SU- V6 Class A amp, Rocked the whole neighbourhood, I listened to ARs Bose ect, kept coming back to the ARs, I now own several pairs of ARs from the smallest AR 1MS to AR 9- AR 90 - AR 94- x 2, x AR - 12 x 2, AR Partners, ect, And love powering them with my Hafler DH 500,s, I will forever be an Teledyne Acoustic Research Fan ?? Brett Australia ?? ????
  2. Had This interesting review for years, I did try to search the Author for Permission to post, But was not able to locate, If not allowed please remove ? Thanks Brett.... IMG_20160403_0006_NEW.pdf
  3. Wanted a pair of original AR 9-90 upper Mid's, Was horrified to find after 30yrs my AR 90's have the 200032-0 models fitted, Any help would be great as there hard to come by in Australia. I can be contacted via Email @ bacatja@mysoul.com.au . Thanks Brett...
  4. Hi I need help to find out the correct original part # for "All" the Drivers in the AR9 & In the AR90 Please, The Midranges in my AR9 have the part # 200028-0, Yet the Mids in my 90s are part # 200032-0 Thought they would be both the same? Any help would be great Thanks Brett...
  5. Hi arpro,Thanks for the reply & compliments on the AR9's,"Consecutive" serial numbers might not have been the right word to use, I do agree with the latter number being an even to be consecutive,But the amount of AR pairs I’ve seen can vary greatly, IE: My AR90's are numbered 350 & 355, AR12's 1336 & 1348,And the AR1MS have the same serial number on both being 5076, Is it possible with the testing process to perform within AR specs at the factory a few speakers could be swapped around to make a perfect sounding pair cause there not within Acoustic Research's tight control parameters.Could this be possible Regards Brett...
  6. Hi All, I have a pair of AR90's & recently bought a pair of reconditioned AR9's which have Consecutive Serial Numbers being 48 and 49,Is this good or not, Where there any changes made to the 9's during the build period from 1978-1982,Any one know how many pairs of the AR9 were built. Regards Brett...
  7. Hi Vern, Thanks for the Info will keep looking Regards Brett.
  8. Hi,I'm looking for a AR9 Emblem any help would be Great? Also Looking for a Pair of AR90 Emblem's to replace the standard AR model one's that came with the speakers when I bought them back in the Early 80's. Thanks bacatja
  9. Hi, An Auction on E-bay recently fetched $270 USD - $346 AUSSIE $$$ For a second hand pair of midrange's to suit the AR9,AR90,AR91,& AR92, To me thats a lot of $,Like to know what the rest of you AR Fan's Think, Of late AR components & speakers have been fetching big Dollars, (Gota be in the right place at the right time for cheapies), But There Again if you have a pair of the above speakers & need a set of Mids or Tweeters to bring them back to life again it would more than likely be worth it considering not many speakers (Other Brands) can match The AR Verticals for quality & sound & price. Even the earlier models Like the AR3 & AR3a up to the AR303 Ect, From what Iv'e read on this site are Awesome!!! only wish i could here some of the latter AR's dont see many here in Australia, My first pair were AR94, Chow4now Brett.
  10. G,day Mates,Ta to those who replied, Minh, Bret, Vern,Your advise has swayed me away from them, RE: hard to replace Driver with an original & the tweeter problem, Id rather put my money towards the big brother of my AR 90s, Chow4NowBrett.:-)
  11. Gidday Minh,Thanks for your reply, I dont own these speakers but wish to purchase them online,I listed this post to find out as much as possible about them as all i could find was a photo,Are they a good sounding speakers & worth repairng, How old are they,How much would you outlay if you had the need for them with the repairs that are needed with the woofers,I know a lot more about ARs of latter vintage Thanks Brett...
  12. Hi I have the chance off buying a pair of AR MST-1 That are in excellent condition apart from a different woofer being installed in one speaker, & the original needs the roll surround replaced What would they be worth as they are the same type of design as the AR YST But I cant find info on them apart from a picture, Any info would be a big help Thanks bacatja, Email Addy = bacatja@omninet.net.au PS Attached JEPEG Pics if they worked,PPS Thanks from the Land Down Under:P
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