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Value of AR-1W

Guest greg928gts

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The only AR-1w's which might be worth more then $100-$200 would be an early one with the accordian style woofer surround and the early AR label on the back of the cabinet with no 'Trojan' style logo.....should be with a serial number of 4,500 or lower. Also, if you had one of the very first AR-1W's from late 1954 or early 1955 having a serial number below 0100, then the historical value goes up, but you never see these early ones...many were parted out, used and abused. Back in the early 1970's, I knew a bass player who used four AR-1W's powered by an old Dynaco tube amplifier as concert speakers in his band 'The Forgotten'....Ah, those were the days !

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Guest nolanpk

Do you still have the AR1-WU? I have one, and I would like another. I am planning to build an electronic crossover and use them for subwoofers, to complement my Cambridge Model 6's. I have a Marantz Model 32 ( sixty wpc ) to power them. I will drive the 6's with a Marantz 1060 ( 30 wpc ). If that doesn't work, I have a Crown D 150 ( 75 wpc ) that I can use for the subs, and put the 32 on the 6's. Thanks.


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Hi there;

I have bought a few items off of ebay.

In my opinion, assuming the woofer works without any flaws, the cabinet has seen better days, anticipate perhaps $65.00 - $125.00.

I did see a few of these same style woofers only, go for about $50.00 each.

Your packaging must be exceptionally well done, especially with there being no grille cloth frame.

The average seller does not know how to ship a speaker, for one example only, properly.

As I well know, that speaker, and/or enclosure, can easily be completely destroyed in transit.

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