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AR MST Speakers for sale need help!!


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I have the chance off buying a pair of AR MST-1 That are in excellent condition apart from a different woofer being installed in one speaker, & the original needs the roll surround replaced What would they be worth as they are the same type of design as the AR YST

But I cant find info on them apart from a picture, Any info would be a big help Thanks bacatja, Email Addy = bacatja@omninet.net.au

PS Attached JEPEG Pics if they worked,PPS Thanks from the Land Down Under:P






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Gidday Brett,

The AR-MST speakers you own are the original version with four tweeters in each cabinet. The later AR-MST1 has only three tweeters per speaker. I would suggest disassembled the older woofer as shown in this picture and find out the part number and try to locate the same woofer on eBay or a matched pair around the same era to get your AR-MST speakers to have a better matched in sound quality.

Minh Luong



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Gidday Minh,Thanks for your reply, I dont own these speakers but wish to purchase them online,I listed this post to find out as much as possible about them as all i could find was a photo,Are they a good sounding speakers & worth repairng, How old are they,How much would you outlay if you had the need for them with the repairs that are needed with the woofers,I know a lot more about ARs of latter vintage

Thanks Brett...

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You might want to look here:


The MST is a nice speaker, but you really can't compare it to the LST / LST II. It would be like comparing an AR-3a with an AR-6, or even more accurately, a 10pi with a 17.

Their value might be slightly enhanced by their being fairly "rare" to find in good condition.

In my opinion you really have to restore them with original drivers. Even the "official" replacement drivers just won't go as low as the originals. Putting another woofer in them diminishes much of what made them special. Depending on what happened to them, the original woofers could be repairable, but if not, you may end-up spending a lot of time waiting for an original driver to become available on eBay or somewhere else.

That means finding-out what other speaker used this woofer so you can snag a replacement no matter what model it comes from.

If I were in your shoes I would want someone to tell me not to overpay for them, unless you just really want a pair of MSTs for their novelty. AR-14s and 2ax models are not as "special" but they probably "sound better" in any rational comparison, and in the U.S. you can buy those all day long for $100/pair. (last time I checked)

I would not buy a pair of MSTs to replace my 2ax's or 14's, but I probably would replace my AR-17s with MSTs if I had the chance.

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Hi Brett down under;

I have never listened to the AR-MST's but have read numerous write-ups here.

From my seat, the 4 tweeter is a lesser speaker than the later 3 tweeter version.

This is in reading between the lines only.

There was some technical problem at AR with that extra tweeter that caused a re-design downward to 3 tweeters.

The wiring would be different between the versions so I do not personally know if you can just disable the 4th one.

I also read that the woofer may be unique and extremely difficult or next to impossible to find.

There can't be many AR-MST's being parted, my meaning.

Ken Kantor may agree or not that perhaps a replacement woofer from an AR-6 might be equal or not, or replace both with AR-6 woofers which may be a little more plentiful.

The last but certainly not a dog idea, is to replace both with AR-4X woofers, which are very readily available used, cloth surround version even, and a reliable standard to fall back on, in my opinion.

I have checked crossover point or cabinet volume of either.

If they were cheap enough, I would have them in my cluttered museum just to look at. lol

The cabinet and grille cloth condition would be very important issues first to me.

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