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MST replicas

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I have finished my build and crossovers they are sounding unbelievable far better than I could have imagined.

I haven’t posted for 18 months wanted to complete my project 

I had some very good advice from this forum.

obviously I have gone for a modern take on the mst.

i used monacor drive units and tweeters 

my father has an original pair of mst’s

so I was able to reference them but improved the bass response with the Monacor drive units,(a great option if anyone can’t find an original mst pair of drivers) mat’s are renowned for their difficult positioning traits, in my room they sound fantastic with their backs up against the wall 

they really sparkle.

i am driving them with a Rotel amp from 1973 


dual mono output dual transformer(power house!)

very power hungry speakers.

My replica’s have much more depth with the same beautiful midrange,  the tweeters mimic the smooth delivery of the Roy Alison tweeters I was considering using them but wanted to create a modern version to see if modern tweeters could replicate the sound there were some tribulations with the crossover.

i will happily have people over to hear them I live in chertsey surrey.

regards to everyone 





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