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AR3a...and not only that, annoying cabinet problem!

Giorgio AR

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As written in the title, the problem does not only happen to the AR3a of the title, but is common to European cabinets.
With these AR3a it is the fourth time that the flange of the woofers has delaminated causing the loss of the acoustic seal: all examples assembled in Europe, AR4x, AR2x and AR2ax!
This is caused by the use of chipboard on the front panel which, when pressed by the sealing putty after disassembly and reassembly, causes the chipboard to delaminate laterally (where there is the minimum thickness), causing loss of air and anomalous vibrations.
The break is repaired by gluing (I used simple vinyl glue) the fracture line.
To avoid further problems, this time after the repair I didn't put fresh putty back but I used a pair of original AR gaskets from the most recent foam models (grey in my case, but the white one is fine too), painting the outer edge of the foam of gasket with ash black color (the same that the workers responsible for assembling the speakers did at the time).
The air tightness is now perfect and the tightening of the screws can be done with less pressure without stressing the underlying chipboard, I would say good.
Last two findings, the subsequent ease of working on the woofers and crossovers and the excellent final aesthetic result.

the gluing area is visible after the tip of the instrument, it is translucent in the photo, then painted in ash black...


...the foams ready for assembly......


...in position...


...final effect with woofer mounted.


The thickness of the aluminum of the woofer basket hides the gasket, which can barely be seen, recessed and neutral in color.

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