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Holiday Mayhem!


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‘A little Holiday rhyme and cheer’ me and my AR madness.

Eighteen AB-Tech tweeters waiting to be installed into four AR-LST’s, (no matter what you all think, they require 10mfd. Dual polarity ‘caps’ to run directly fitted into the available wires.

Four AR-3a’s, two AR-2ax’s waiting and wondering. With 6 spare AR3a midranges and 7 spare AR-3a woofers and four Phase Linear 400’s running with 2 spares waiting for testing procedures and repair, why do I persist? Am I just thinking of a ‘White Christmas’, or am I wanting to please all CSP members and myself, or vice-s-versa?

I’ve been so un-decided since I first bought my AR-3a’s when I was twenty-two, in 1972.

And now, after almost 35 years, I must repair all to enjoy all.

It’s all too much work that must wait till after the holidays.


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