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Dear CSP members, any one out there with more knowledge than I have? O.K.-lets keep it down there in the front rows, I’m sure most out there are smarter, but how about actual electrical values in fusing?

To follow up on my last post concerning blowing my 35 year old AR-LST fuses; I ordered 8 of the FNM-2 fuses at $3.45 each plus shipping,

I received FNM-21/4 amps instead. That’s a whole quarter amp higher than the specified installed original fuse. Should I send them back and end up paying triple shipping, would a 1/4 of an amp make a difference? Seems prudent to error on the side of safety rather than lack of it.

Would I sit there and worry about it every time I get crazy and turn up the volume? Gee’s Ralph, I’m-a scared, some one please help me before Trixie walks in!

Frank Marsi, my friend and yours.

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Hi Frank;

I am certain, when AR recommended all of their speaker fuse sizes, they made an allowance of some sort.

They wouldn't have gone oversize, but, I feel now, that the tweeters are a little more vulnerable now with the 2 1/4 amp.

If I had a choice, I would have gone to 1 3/4 or even better yet, 1 1/2 amp.

Have you been blowing a lot of 2 amp fuses in your LST's?

If so, how often?

If you have been blowing 2 amp fuses on a regular basis?

Even at the price you paid, they do get expensive.

Maybe now is the time to also add a fast blow open fuse block inline, with perhaps a 3 - 5 amp (my guess) fast blow fuse.

Knowing that AR used a 3 amp fast blow in the AR-3A clone.

At least you can experiement with the fast blow fuses, as they are only about $.25 each.

At least with the 2 1/4 amp slow blow fuse you will have some protection, rather than no fuse.

I know that you like music loud, Frank, as you have previously written here.

If it was the sellers error, there should be no incurred extra cost to you.

If that was the ebay auction, I saw that the fuse in the photo was a 2 1/4 amp, but they listed that auction as 2 amp.

Do I think you shoud return them at your expense and repay shipping and handling again, no.

I would suggest looking for 2 amp or less, though.

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10-5-06, 9pm

O-u-c-h! Hey that’s OK, I like salt.

As it turns out, the seller is going to make an exchange and throw-in 2 extra fuses. I simply mentioned that I'd be eating all of the shipping adding up to 3 extra fuses. He obviously deduced that I was speaking realistically and thank goodness he was decent enough to understand.

Bingo, for once I actually get some satisfaction.

Thanks though for the link. I see “dyanco-dan” is there waiting for me.

Frank Marsi

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Hi there;

Frank, the fact that the seller is adding a few extra fuses to sweeten the deal, I now would go for it.

Thank you again, Klaus, for that optional source link.

For our general purpose, Cooper/Bussmann FNM and Littlefuse FLM are the model fuses that we use.

They are both of the slow blow type.

Whereas AR and Advent only referred to the Bussmann brand fuses.

I have tried to keep both brand names together, as other areas of the world may have Littlefuse stock.

Thank you for that link to the Cooper/Bussmann website.

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