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AR P-10 Power Amp


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I have not seen much info on this amp. Was it any good and

>what would it be comparable to today? Also does anyone have an

>owner's manual for it?


All I know of is that AR came out with a pre-amp, 200 watt per-channel amp and equalizer in 1990 or so. It was heralded by Stereophile mag and others as being top-shelve, but not excitingly so.

I heard it and was pleased, it wasn’t much different in terms of being an SS amp from what I'm used to. Not many peeps know of these, so not many speak of them. I wish some more knowledgeable folks will come forth as I'd like to consider the purchase after I come out of AR speaker collector’s hock. They were priced the same as high priced stuff back then. I went to a show in a local NYC salon and heard them with big Apogees, Van-whatevers, Sonus Farber, come’-se-chiama’s and such. Huge sound field, great thrills, but better with Krell’s in place, the Apogees I mean. Of course all elements of room acoustics and such were addressed in that room. Real life doesn't permit me the luxury of making my home that way.... just yet! The more crazy I become about this obsessive hobby, the more my home will reflect it.

Coming to you from: Hospital Room Number: 35-06B North-Wing, please visit. 10-1PM and 6-8PM M thru F and weekends too. Anybody got any 1966 to 1980 Stereo Reviews or Audio- Magazines? I’d like them with ‘Reader-Service’ cards intact so I may send for material. Or to paraphrase one of our exalted members;

*“It’s all about the quality of the program material.”*

Frank Marsi

*Patents pending FM, plants in Akron, offices in Chicago.

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There is information relating to the AR P-10 Power Amp in the library section of this site, see:

Home / Library / Acoustic Research (AR) / AR-UK


There you will find the Service Manual.

A mid-eighties flyer describes it as "150W per channel, 1000W on transients into 2 ohms, 60 amp current capability"

Hope that helps.


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