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AR-3 drivers up for auction.


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I just put the AR-3 drivers up for auction. They are in pairs - two tweeters, two mids, and two woofers. I'll probably end up using the funds to buy a faster scanner so that getting new material on here isn't such a challenge!

The grills and cabinets I'm going to throw out unless someone in the Boston area REALLY wants them. The cabinets (as I said before) were used upside down and the veneer is actually worn all the way off in places on the tops. One cabinet has some additional damage done to it as the woofer was installed incorrectly (the guys in Cambridge must have done this one on a late Friday afternoon - the socket for two of the woofer screws came loose inside the cabinets and they stuck puddy in the holes instead of fixing the loose sockets. Makes getting the partially installed screws out a VERY difficult job.) One of the grills is cracked on the bottom.

The URL's are:





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