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I just purchased a pair of AR3's which I had planned on refurbishing, but I have since noticed that they had been used upside down and the wood veneer has been scratched off in places on the tops of both cabinets.

I doubt I will refurbish these AR3's now. Gouges and scratches I can work out, but when the veneer is actually worn off it's tough to refinish. I'm considering auctioning the drivers off on Ebay to help support running this website. It appears all six drivers work fine.

Anyone have ideas on what I could do with these? I was thinking of auctioning the drivers in pairs (both tweeters, both mids, and then both woofers) and then giving the cabinets/crossovers/grills away to someone locally? The cabinets would make great subwoofer enclosures for someone so inclined ..


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I think you should donate them to me! Of course I will openly thank you on this forum! Next ( if this first idea does not sound good to you ) set a price and offer them to other forum users. Maybe we can start something here. If we forum users can sell and or barter to one another that would be great! I have a old set of 4x's that as a whole are not in good shape, but I would be happy to see whats good on them and offer them to other ( registered ) forum users for little more than shipping.


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