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AR-6 production years


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I have a set of AR-6 with serial No. HG 53101 and HG


Is it possible to find out when was produced?

Otherwise which are the start/end production years?

I think my AR-6 was manufacted in Europe.

Thank you


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Hi Stefano!

The AR-6 was produced between 1970-1978. The AR-6 originally sold for $150/pr (unfinished) and $198/pr (walnut) ..

As to specific information on when and where your speakers were built, I doubt you could find that unless there was a date code and location information on the back of the speakers themselves.


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Something I observed in Australia was the units made in the US were painted semi-gloss brown on the back but the European (England and Holland) are painted with a brown white speckle paint.

Good luck

Barry Hart

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