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I got interested awhile back in AR's thanks partly due to this forum. I have today the following models:

2 sets of 4x's

a set of 3a's

a set of 2a's

a set of LST's

I have a little problem of seeing a pair of the old AR's and having to have them! I dont have room in my house for all these so the majority of speakers are being used by friends. My wife cringes every time I bring a piece of stereo gear in the house and now some of my friends wifes do to! I really want to get a AR amp and tuner, but I can not afford the e- bay prices or that of some classic audio stores. Garage sales have been very good to me as far as buying stereo equipment at good prices, so I will wait until a guy like myself is told by his wife to empty out the closets and hang a $50.00 price tag on the stuff in the front yard!

So am I alone here? Anyone else run into this problem of collecting stereo gear? I'd like to here of others stories.


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I had this problem in college, I know exactly what you're talking about. One of the ways I could rationalize it was in the spirit of recycling - if I didn't turn these speakers into various projects, they would end up in landfills ..

I eventually kicked the habit though. I've got a pair of AR3's I've been working on for a while and some HK Citation electronics that I'm truly happy with. I resist the temptation to look for more "finds" in the Want Ad's .. ;)


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