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Pics! Completed AR3a Restoration Project

Guest Eunomians

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Guest Eunomians

I have finally had the chance to take/edit some pics of my AR3a completed restoration project :)

What's not to like? Sharp edges, lovely deep walnut luster, matching stands...

Early cloth surround woofers with extra dampening ring, later-style backwired tweets/mids... Above all though: AMAZING sound!

Here are some details:

I sanded the cabinets and applied polish approx. 6 times over the course of 4 days.

I followed the grain as I sanded to ensure a nice & even surface.

I went through essentially the same procedure for the walnut speaker stands as well.

They match the speaker cabinets very nicely.

In fact, they appear to actually be part of the cabinets from afar.

The next step was to deal with the grills...

The original grill cloths were torn & stained beyond saving.

And the logo badges were toast.

One of the frames was busted and someone had tried to repair it in 3 places by gluing toothpicks as reinforcements!

Ok, I removed the toothpicks and filled in the cracks with wood putty & glue.

I clamped them down and let it dry.

There appeared to be a shaving of the frame missing from 2/3 of one length side - in effect, making the grill seem crooked and not fit flush into the speaker cavity.

So, I bought some ultra thin strips of cheery wood and cut/sanded/glued them to the curved edge until I made it "uncurved" and straight.

Next step was the fine linen grill cloth: steam iron out the wrinkles, a little spray glue on the grill frame, material stretching and stapling to the frame... VoilÄ!

I removed the old stapled-Velcro bits from both speaker cavities and stapled in fresh new Velcro. I then stapled fresh Velcro onto the rear of both grill frames.

The last touch was to slap on some mint AR3a logo badges.

Now these speakers look as good as they sound...

*Please note that I did not edit the color balance, so the pics might appear to show some odd color casting in the grill cloth.

**The flash also seems to make the grill cloth edges appear uneven. The grill cloth is perfectly even around the entire frame.




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