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AR3a Crossover Network, etc.

Guest wlmiller

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Guest wlmiller

I would like to buy a crossover kit(s) for two AR3a's. The telno for Layne Audio (615-298-4124) is a dead number. I looked also looked at Madisound.com online but they had no kits for the AR3a's. My controls (variable resistor pots) are kaput and the caps probably should be replaced but I know very little about how to get the replacement parts. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


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I have posted the following before :


I bought my caps for my AR3a speakers from Madisound. At first, they seemed a little bright but not any more and I am very, very happy with them.

For the pair I bought:

Quantity Item # Desc

2 CP6 6.0 mfd Polypropylene Capacitor

2 CP50 50 mfd " "

2 M140 140 MFD Electrolytic "

As I recall, they are all Solen.

The total bill was a little over $40.00 and I bought them about 2 years ago.


I'm sure you will get other responses from members who are more knowledgeable than me. But if all else fails then these capacitors will do just fine.

I'll post again here if I find out where I bought my pots.

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Guest wlmiller

Thanks!! I'll try to order the caps and resistors today.

Capacitor 6 mfd 8095

50 mfd 4727

150 mfd 4728

Resistor 16 ohm 25w pot. 2750A

.47 ohm wire wound 8075

While I'm at it I'll try to get a schematic. This was very helpful.

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