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Selling pair of AR93Q's

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Selling a pair of recently refurbished Acoustic Research AR93Qs.

Woofers re-foamed by Bill LeGall at MillerSound.

Re-oiled the tops, color matched and repainted octagonal bindings on top and plastic feet on bottom.

Speaker terminal on one unit replaced. Spandex socks dry cleaned with only the minutest of perforations,

Photos are from my cross-posted Craigslist ad.

Asking $500 for the pair.





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Hi John, 

I'm interested.  I'm hoping your not opposed to shipping, ( I do this for a living, I ship these everyday.). But in case you are leery, do you mind if I ask. want to wear in the country you might live I live just outside Detroit Michigan.


-did bill legall use a flat dustcap on the front facing. Midwoofer?

- are those dark colored dudtcaps on the 4 side facing? 

- I asked you as most of the 93 versions of the orange test caps on the side very woofers and they always bothered me, yours look really good.

- I refurb, repair, sell for a living.  As such, I possess more than a couple sets. Of socks, das well as top wood (looks great and bottom (feet).

- those three individual items, believe it or not, are very pricey on eBay.  If you were to consider a price break for the units minus the socks, top and bottom piece.... You'd get $40-50 each for the top and bottom pieces, conservatively.  Another. $100 for ovkd in great shape.

- woujd you consider selling he sets sans top and bottom pieces and socks?

- not a deal breaker , just curious

- you really open up you possible buyers. Exponentially if you agree to ship.  I created a booklet on proper shipping of large speakers, and as long as you follow a few guidelines, I'll take on responsibility for any damage.  In writing and notarized if need be.

Thsbk you very much Jon















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