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Thanks for the add. Working on mld restoration of a pile of AR's.

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Hi, I've been a follower of this forum for some time now. I recently bought out an estate up here in Washington State. Included in the purchase were (2) AR LST (pretty nice) (2) AR LST (need work) (2) LST2 (fairly nice) (2) AR 3a (fairly nice) 2 AR 2Ax (fairly nice) and an unusual homemade subwoofer derived from the working of an A25. It appears the previous owner did the needed repairs of new surrounds, cleaning pots and such, and new grill materials. From what I can see, this work was done around 10 years ago or so.

Most of the work I intend to do will be cabinet work, but I won't know the full extent until I have tested each one.  Once they are finished I will likely put them out on the market, as I already have a Marantz 4100 set up with JBL L7's that I really like.

I know the hazing around here includes showing pictures, so here is one after I destroyed the guest bedroom with all the gear from the estate sale.  once my old tired bones are up to it, I'll dig the speakers out into a stack and post some proper pictures.

Again, thanks for the membership, and I look forward to the mentoring as I work through the projects.  As an added note, I'm more handy than handsome, and have done a lot of woodwork and electronics in my day.  Taking the way back machine to 1974ish, you would have found me working for Speaker Factory in Bellevue, WA (I was fired for dropping a speaker in the warehouse LOL).  My main hobby these days is restoring old Italian motorcycles, so I'm used to the fine art of drinking wine while staring at illogical wiring diagrams. Talk at you later.

Richard AKA Sunnbobb



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On 2/18/2023 at 9:39 AM, Aadams said:

Assuming all the drivers are present and correct, the combined value of all the electronics in the room is lower than the value of the speakers that are sitting in direct contact with a concrete floor, being used as equipment stands. 



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