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AR 2ax tweeter repair


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My tweeters on my AR2ax have the dreaded no/low output. I see an eBay seller from China that offers a pair of
AFT 0.75" Silk Dome Tweeter Diaphragm for Acoustic Research AR2ax,AR11,AR3a 4Ω
I'm not looking for perfection but might these do well enough? I'm pretty confident I can remove the old dome and voice coil.and clean up the air gap and surrounding material. These new replacements look like they could be glued down with Aleen's Craft Glue of even speaker surround glue. Thoughts? I know Vintage AR as well as Chris can do these but I'm just wondering if results should be adequate with this silk dome. These coils have the leads protruding at the bottim which should work with my surface mount terminals. Original tweeters are the brown dome, 3 dot suspension type. 

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I always thought the orange dome tweeters used in the early AR2ax and AR3 speakers had 1 3/8 in domes. The later tweeters used in the Ar2ax and AR5 were 3/4 in. hard dome tweeters. The AR3a used a similar tweeter but at 4 ohms. I have heard about soft domes being used to rebuild the 3/4 in. tweeters. Not sure how it would alter the output though. 

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