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Scope of The Classic Speaker Pages ..


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I'm thinking about performing a change to the structure of this website.

How do people feel about my organizing the classic speakers into two main categories, New England Area and those beyond?

This would allow me to move a couple of brands of interest into a more suitable category and allow us to expand to serve other brands which are rare and difficult to get information on.

Please comment ..



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I echo the other guy's comments on it is your site and since you do the work you should have the say. Thanks.

But let me add that your idea is excellent. A lot of these old speakers did come out of New England and having a place for them is neat since they often have a common thread of employees or technology. However, there are a lot of neat old classic non-New England speakers we could discuss.

So I think that an organization that had New England area with each major brand and a non New England area with other classic brands would be great.

Once again thanks for all the great work you do.

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