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Help me Identify this speaker system...21.5" H. x 12.5" W. x 10" D

James Grandillo

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This system (I have two) sounds wonderful in all way. The cabinet is covered in very cheap dark vinyl that doesn't even try to look like wood veneer. The writing on the back is in Danish (see photo), and this appears to have a round plastic port cover that says Scan-speak on it. The tweeter looks like Scanspeak. I've never had the woofer out, so I'm unsure whose it is but I'd bet Scanspeak also. BUT - the overall size does no match the configuration of the A-35 or the A-35. Any ideas?



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Given the similarities to the A-25 and A-35 as well as the Scan family ties, you can market it as a close relative to the A-25 and you can price it similarly. You won't have a problem selling them as their Dynaco cousins are still in high demand.  

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The brand is "Hatra". There should've been a label across the aperiodic vent that said it, but those often fall off over time. It was a European brand, as you can tell, and built by the Danish crew behind the Dynacos. Though, by the time of these, I couldn't tell you what they were calling themselves. Scan-Dyna, Scan-Speak, Scan-Sonic, Dantax...all the same people, different companies yet not and confusing ownership that's for sure. Most likely happened after Hafler bought into ownership of Scan-Speak, but before his people there started also building Ortofon speakers.

Anyways, Scan-Speak drivers with the Scan-Speak "Vario-Vent", as you guessed. Not common speakers, but basically newer versions of the Scan-Dyna A-30 MkII.

Here's an example of another set of Hatras like yours where one of the labels is still intact (they weren't properly marked on the back either):


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