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Help dating KLH Legend Model 1400s?


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Hi everyone! Currently looking to upgrade my audio set up, as I've been listening to my records through an old PA speaker. I found 2 pairs of speakers at a nearby flea market. One of which is a pair of KLH Legend Series 1400s. I'm trying to figure out when they were made so I can research them more and see how much I should offer him. Not sure if this is the serial but here's a pic of the only numbers I saw on the outside. 

He's asking 150 for the pair, but I have a feeling that's too much, especially since they've been sitting outside (although under an awning) all week. How old are these and how much should I pay for them? Thanks! 

IMG_1292 Medium.jpeg

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https://worldradiohistory.com/. Buyers guides from HiFi Stereo and a couple of
others. What more information do you need? The label pretty much covers it.

These probably sold in such low numbers that you're not likely to find out much more.
Shouldn't take anything exotic or especially powerful to drive these.

Here's the buyers guide listing, somewhat different than the label. I'm guessing the
buyers guide had the higher crossover point wrong. I see why the label doesn't have
the frequency response: ±9 dB?

Tuned-port speaker with 10-in woofer. 5-1/4-in midrange. and a 3-in tweeter. Power
range 5-70W rms; FR 49-22,000 Hz ±9 dB; sens 90 dB sPL/W/m; imp 8 ohms;
crossover points 900 and 1400 Hz. Oak vinyl finish. 27 x 13-1/4 x 10-3/4 in $380/pr 

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