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AR-3A Pots Cleaned, Now I Need Badges


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Over the past couple of months I have managed to find the time to clean the pots on the 3A's that I purchased recently. I was surprised when I opened each pot to find that they already looked very clean. After reading several posts to this forum, I expected to see a real mess, but they looked fine. I cleaned them using a dremel tool and applied Deoxit, they didn't look much different after cleaning. Well they must not have been very clean as now the tweeters work without having to rotate the pots.

I am waiting for the new grill cloth but still need badges. The original badges are still mounted on the grill, but they are 100% rusted with no sign of the logo. Does anyone have a pair of 3A badges to sell? I have seen those listed at Layne Audio, but it seems that getting in touch with them and placing an order is quite difficult.

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