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AR3 / AR3A Upgrade


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Sent to me from Stan Krajewski:

Thanks for posting your commentary on repairing the AR3a. I recently put together a pair. Bought cabinets with tweeters & mids and then bought the woofers separately. I weighed the stuffing and replaced it with an equal weight of Acousta Stuf. Cleaned out the pots and generally made sure all the wiring was OK. I bought some caulking from Parts Express to seal the woofer.

When I tried them out they seemed dull. After fooling with the pots I realized that they were not making a good contact. I did clean them but when I rotate them there is a lot of play in he mechanism and its hard to find a good contact point. However when all speakers are working the sound is incredible. I belong to an audio club and these speakers simply blow everything I have heard there away. They are rich, full, the soundstage is

wonderful and the bass is to die for. These speakers are really satisfying. I have found speakers that I can live with. Everything is in one box (no sub required). They look great and they are really pretty small. The only thing is that they require a lot of power but somewhere the price for volume has to be paid.

Incidentally, I have spent much time dabbling with tubes. Dynaco ST70, Fisher X100, Fisher X200, Single ended kits, etc. Yeah they are good if you just want to listen to chamber music. I have never heard a tube rig that reproduced an orchestra with any authority. Although I haven't heard a Klipsch or Edgarhorn setup yet. The sound of tubes is definitely different,

and in ways, very captivating. So my next project in the tube area is to build the horns and go for the gold.

In the meantime these AR's will allow me to enjoy all that orchestral glory that I have missed during my excursion into the tube world.

My questions to you are :

1) Is there a replacement for the pots ? Just get rid of them. What is your opinion?

2) You mentioned a VIFA silk dome tweeter. Which one did you use ?

Thank You

Stan Krajewski

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Stan,there is a website to get what you need.Iused a search engine and typed in acoustic research speaker and waded thru the list,as Ihave just formatted my disk and could not back-up files ilost the address.where can you get the acousta mas?did you also replace the mid&twts?Marty e-mail>mburritt@twcny.rr.com

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