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AR Woofer Repair


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This email came in from John Fink re: his repair of a weakened AR4x woofer cone.


I recently found a pair of AR 4x's in pretty good condition except for one thing. One of the woofers appeared to have been water damaged with the result that places near the apex of the cone had become "de-laminated" and weakened.

The cone no longer moved together. Fortunately, the voice coil was fine and not normally rubbing.

My first thought was to reinforce the rear of the cone with stiff strips of something. However, that would have changed mass in a critical area. The solution to the problem was simpler.

The weakened areas were (one at a time) saturated with a

cyanoacrylate gelled adhesive, and pulled gently into alignment and allowed to cure. It took a while to do but the results were worth it.

The speaker, to my ears at least, performs as good as new.

Thought you'd be interested. Perhaps you could let others know about this fix.


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