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Dynaco A 350 towers


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So I picked up a set of Dynaco A25 speakers, along with a Dynaco pre amp and tuner from a downsizing friend last week. Speakers sound great. I was pleasantly surprised. Seems the hype is correct. Lol. Well he called me again and said he'd like to also sell his pair of Dynaco A 350 towers, and a pair of JBL Decade L36 speakers. Twist my arm I said and I'll do you favor by taking them too. Lol. I can't pick up the others until probably next week, since I messed up my back recently. The big Dynacos are quite heavy and sound really good. Anybody else got a set of these A 350's in rotation? If so, I'd like your opinion of them. Presently listening to a pair of Bozak LS 250a speakers that I picked up at the flea market last week for cheap money. Good thing they were cheap, because I found out that both tweeters were blown, along with one woofer. I ordered two tweeters and a woofer from Parts Express and slapped them in a little while ago. They are sounding great with some jazz. (Eddie Harris)


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68lbs on those A-350s per the specs (the immediate predecessor, the Model 350, was 87lbs but only about 200 of those were made), so it seems you'll be dealing more with awkward bulky weight than sheer mass. Be surprising if you can find many others who have had them, those A-350s are rare speakers from the time ESS owned the brand. Very unusual with their pseudo-omnidirectional design courtesy the piezo tweeter firing into a reflecting cone.

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