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I have a pair of AR- LST's. I have had them for years not really knowing much about them. Some one told me that at one time they were a big deal. My question is are they worth anything other than odd shaped end tables? I like the sound of them ( there nicer sounding than most of the speakers at the local Best Buy in my opinon ) . All the drivers work. The woofers have been refoamed and the cabinets are in OK shape.

PS- I am NOT looking to sell them.



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From what I've seen, the LST is rare enough to be considered a collectible in the audio arena. You probably don't see them for sale very often as the ones that have survived this long are being showcased!

I've never seen a pair of the LST's, just pictures and reviews. I'm not sure if there is LST information on my old website, but I'll make sure to get some on the new one!

In terms of value, I would hazard a guess of around $500 if they are in excellent condition? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I've never seen a pair for sale!


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I have a pair of LST, I have had these for about 12 years.

For what it is worth I sold these retail many years before.

Because of my many years of interest in AR-LST I have some contempory brochures on the speakers and the original manual that came with these speakers.

I have two manuals, one is from USA and the other is from Europe, it is worth noting the LST photograph in the European is printed mirror image, ie the spectral balance control is on the left hand side.

Also I have the CBS test report commisioned by AR circa 1971.

On the general AR information I have a October 1969 manual including the AR3, December 1970 and a June 1972.

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Is there a way to post some of the info you have? I would love to see it! I thought the LST's I own were built around 1972 or so. I did not realize they were built for so long. Why are they so rare then? Is that a sign that they were not all that great?

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>Is there a way to post

>some of the info you

>have? I would love to

>see it!

I'm going to begin (and hopefully finish!) the new Classic Speaker Pages website this Thursday the 24th using Dreamweaver. The prior website was done by hand in notepad, and I think Dreamweaver will allow me to update things quickly enough to keep things from getting stale. I'll post as much of the pending information as I can.

As for the LST information, I'm not sure exactly what I have. I won't know until I'm pretty deep into the redesigned website later this week.

Anyone that has LST information and can email, fax, or snail mail it to me and I'll do my best to get it up in a timely fashion.

>around 1972 or so. I

>did not realize they were

>built for so long. Why

>are they so rare then?

I don't know how many were built. In my experience, I have not come across them, thus the remark that I think they are somewhat rare. I believe they were fairly advanced speakers for their time.


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One thing that helped to make these things rare is the cost, in Australia they sold for about $2,000 a pair, the AR3a at the same time was about $700 a pair.

I have owned one pair of AR3a and two pairs of LST, the first pair of LST purchased about 1975 were made in USA, the two things I remember about these is (1) The rear panel was painted a semi gloss brown paint and I believe the mid range units had copper voice coil formers.

The second pair I have owned (they are the ones I have now) I sold probably in 1978 to a customer, and bought them from him about 12 years ago, these were made in Europe the rear is painted in a speckled paint and I think they have aluminium voice coils in the mid range units.

Both these had the mids and tweeters connected by the crude bare wires to a masonite plate on the front panel.

The first review I have is from AUDIO December 1972, Front cover of Stereo Review August 1972, England reviewed the speakers in Hi Fi News and Record Review in August 1973.

While we are digging up the past what about the AR-LST2. Thes were based on AR5 components, ix10" base unit and 3 mids and 3 hf units.

Till next time Barry

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