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Need AR-2x crossover specs


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hi all, it’s been a while.

At one time I had a pair of 2x.

They were given to a buddy who treated them poorly and then dumped them.

Last week I found a pair of AR-2 at the thrift ( originally I had stated 2a, these are 2’s ) that someone had pulled the tweeters and direct wired a piezo tweeter mounted to a plywood board to replace the plastic AR-2 tweeter holder after yanking the crossover components. Gee, for some reason these sound super bright (!) 

The woofers are cloth surround and both work. I re-glued the Masonite spider and cone rings since they were starting to come loose and rattle. They also got the treatment with the butyl goop from Vintage AR.

I have a pair of fiberglass pad and cage mids originally from 2ax which I believe were also used in the original 2X as tweeters. if anyone knows for sure whether these actually were the same please let me know. 

My intention is to recreate these as 2x but I’ll need to know what the crossover specs for the 2X were in order to cobble together another pair… The existing pots were corroded to the point where it wasn’t possible to tease them back to life. I have some 25 ohm 25 watt ohmite rheostats I can substitute. 






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