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A Question For Tom Tyson


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>Any update on your AR history book, Tom? It's been awhile

>since I've heard anything about it, and I'm anxiously



>By any chance, did you have a part in the upcoming

>"Stereophile" review of the AR-3a? Just curious!

I regret to say that not too much has happened on the book; I've put together an outline and TOC, but I'm still gathering information and getting my files together. Another problem was that I had much too much going on last year that kept me from going forward, but maybe that will change this year. We're all busy -- and that is no excuse -- so I will try to move forward.

As for the AR-3a review in *Stereophile,* I didn't even know that a review was planned, let alone have anything to do with it. I stopped subscribing to the magazine last year, and each time I leave the magazine something like this comes up. What have you heard about a review?


--Tom Tyson

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Thanks for the info, Tom...your book will be a must-have for everyone here!

The AR-3a reference was in the February '06 Editor's piece by John Atkinson. He referred to transporting a pair of 3a's from North Carolina that were going to be reviewed by one of the writing staff. I assume that the review will be along the lines of what has been previously done with the Bozak Concert Grand and the Fisher 500 receiver.

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