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Ar3 first impressions


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16478075036855129978629048231101.thumb.jpg.715a516ecf3a95856f9c24017c784e7f.jpg First these are not restored near as I can tell the grills have not been completly off and the pots are the pitts. 

 After a bit of exercising the pots they came back enough to set mids and tweeters. 

 The sound is pretty amazing there is a lot of subtle details that my Ar2ax pre1970 miss. And the deep bass is welcome no sub woofer necessary. I'm pleased with the sound and thankfull the midrange domesare working good. I'm going to look for a fabric stretcher and see if I can straighten out the grills. And clean or replace the pots. For now I'm just enjoying them.

Unfortunately someone removed all the rear labels so who knows what vintage these are. When I pull the woofer ill at least know the year.


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