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Losing track of vital information


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Hi there;

I see that I have an ongoing problem with this website.

No, not that one, about reference material postings. LOL

I have posted a number of AR factory data fact sheets, to name just one brand, here.

The problem I see is, when I posted them, I went ahead and started a topic and downloaded the JPG data sheet to that page.

As time goes along the topic goes deeper into the depths of the AR forum, for just one example.

As one example, I feel, that the AR refinishing of AR cabinets sheet should be in the library, along with the AR fusing sheets.

This is AR original literature and carved in stone, it won't be re-published or a different version coming out, not 30 plus years later.

It is buried deep and I often cannot even find it.

I am asking everyone here as to what I should be doing to have it posted into the library.

I know asking Mark would be the first thing, yes.

Please Mark, help.

Do I need to go back and copy those original JPG's to a cd and mail it to Mark?

Do I go back into the topics that I have added JPG's and download and save and burn them to a cd and mail them to Mark?

I am only referring to AR fact sheets, not photos that I may have taken of a damaged cabinet, for example.

I wrote this topic today out of frustration of trying to find Ken Kantor's link for the, "electrically conductive glue".

I spent the day volunteering at a local foodbank and my patience was wearing thin.

I tried and I tried and was not too successful using the, "conductive glue", using this for the search criteria.

I was wanting to add to my thanking Ken Kantor for his valuable contribution to that, missing link".

That is valuable resource data, in my opinion, and should have a special forum or such, so that the, "conductive solder", or such is easier to find and not go deeper in the depths.

I know that a good member will see this and direct me to the right spot but I just thought I should say, I ordered some and will evaluate it and report back as to my results.

I saw nothing on the label and they do not seem to have a spec sheet, so this will be an interesting project.

I already wrote a brief note on that website regarding that product.

Thank you again, Ken Kantor.

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Hi Mark;

Thank you.

Are you emailing me a snail mail address?

I know that you are busy with your work and your personnal life, Mark.

You finding time for the site is our bonus.

I'll review my list and perhaps others that have downloaded fact files from AR and other brands may do the same please.

The limit of about 10 write-up's per page number, is a real neat idea.

Perhaps the first topic item entry does not need to be repeated at the top of each page, same some hard drive space.

Just a thought.

Thank you again, Mark.

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Hi again;

I just received the, electronicly conductive glue, today.

Ordered via email May 24th, shipped on the 25th, received on June 4th.

Very businesslike solid packaging, fair S&H charges, and nicely completed paperwork.

I am still having difficulty locating where exactly Ken Kantor suggested, in a recent posting, a link to the supplier.

I would rather add to that topic than here.

I will do a project with it and report back with more information, soon.

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