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AR Grill Cloth


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I am very new to this forum and to the area of speaker restoration, but I have the bug to restore my newly found AR 3-A's. Cosmetically the speakers are in very good condition, however one of the grill cloths has a very small hole. It is about half the size of a dime, the rest of the cloths are in fine shape. Here is what I found while searching the web -

3a original cloth covered grills [NOS]: $45/each or $85/pair while they last! Recently uncovered in an old AR parts warehouse in Italy, these original cloth covered AR 3a grills have been sitting in their boxes for ??? years but are still in perfect condition. Covered in the original cream/tan colored fabric which has been unavailable for ages. Take an $10 off when you buy a pair of grills and new brass logo plates at the same time.

Are these cloths hard to come by? Should I jump at these? Actually, I am not quite sure what is meant by "grills", don't know if I need grills and cloths or just the cloth.

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