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Mounting bracket for Snell CLS .5 satellites


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They don’t show up often, but I finally spotted and acquired a pair of Snell CLS .5 speakers in White. Just one significant finish flaw Ithat a few drops of white paint should take care of. Unfortunately, the seller didn’t have the mounting brackets. (How do owners lose this stuff?) They look proprietary, but will serve better than expensive Omnimounts if anyone knows where to find them or their like. I’ve currently got them on 30” stands doing surround duty. 

For those that don’t know them, they’re like a poor man’s Paradigm Sig 1 - a cast and braced aluminum cabinet, not a conventional MDF/Wood box. FR is -3dB down at 80 Hz, so calls for a sub if used as mains. (I’m running them with Snell K7s in front, and LCR7 in the center.)

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