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AR-8 Restoration and Tweeter


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Well I bought my second pair of vintage AR speakers...I might be hooked. These are a pair of AR-8s in overall nice condition. They need new crossover capacitors and surrounds and to have the grille cloth cleaned.

Posting this here mainly because the tweeter is interesting to me. Looking around online, I've only seen the AR-8s with the front-wired tweeter similar to the AR-6s I have. These have back-wired tweeters and all the parts appear to be original. Both speaker labels indicate a Feb. 1975 manufacture date. I knew these weren't made for long, but it's also interesting that these were made in 75 but there isn't a listing for them in the 75 catalog.

I'm curious what other AR models use these back-wired tweeters? I haven't tested these yet, but in case I need a replacement tweeter down the line, this would be good info to have. I didn't see a part number on the back of the tweeter (only what I thought was manufacture date info), but the front of each has "SFT 6" very lightly stamped. Thanks.







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