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AR2xa Grill Removal


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Just picked up a nice, well maintained set of these vintage A/Rs. Googled around for the least damaging way to remove the grill. Experimented with a putty knife, etc. Figured I was going to replace the fabric anyway, so I carefully cut away the existing fabric and "Bob's Your Uncle." Once the covering was out of the way, the Masonite backing was fairly easy to extract. Just be patient and it comes out cleanly in five or ten minutes. (This model was not stapled, just a dozen or so ten glue spots: maybe six around the edges and some more around the woofer.)

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I bought a pair of AR2xa speakers from the son of the original owner. The son used a box cutter to slice away the grill cloth of one speaker. Unfortunately, he went deep and sliced the woofer cone and cloth surround in several places. *sigh* Fortunately, he left the other speaker untouched. I got a good deal for the speakers, considering the damage.

I removed the other grill using a small allen wrench and patiently pulling. Once I got a corner up I slid a yardstick under the grill to break the glue loose.

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