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AR-6 Restoration


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Hi all,

I recently acquired a pair of AR-6 speakers (for $120 CAD). I've learned a lot about them from browsing threads here so I'd like to share photos of my progress as I examine/restore mine.

They are the oldest variant with the ribbed woofer cones and the crossover with the large capacitor. The woofers are stamped 1972. Overall, they seem to be in quite good condition! The tweeters aren't dented. The grilles can use a little cleaning. So far I've replaced the 10uF capacitors with non-polaraized electrolytic ones from Solen. I inspected the pots with the intention to apply some deoxit but they didn't really need any. Right now I'm awaiting delivery of a new set of foams from vintage-ar.

I'm looking forward to finishing them!








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Very beautiful, beautiful cabinets and easy restoration, correct the work undertaken to bring them back to perfect functioning, last but not least a good "refresh" to the already excellent cabinets with correct final oiling and you will get a splendid pair of AR6s.
I enclose photo of my pair of AR6, slightly older than yours, they have identical woofers, yet to be finished, but the cabinets are not as good as yours ... you can already understand from the photo on the back.


The woofers, the right still awaits the new foam.


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Putting the foams on went relatively smoothly. So far I've spent a few hours breaking them in. One of my grilles is dirtier than the others. I tried cleaning them with our Bissell fabric cleaner but that didn't help much. It uses an oxy-clean style solution which is what I read was recommended. I think I'll leave them as is. I will be using velcro to reinstall them.





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Beautiful restoration, the grilles with fabric canvases in my opinion are fine as well, almost all of my ARs, the ones that have grilles
  original, they have color differences in pairs, it is normal and denotes originality and aging!
By the way, the speaker under the AR6 in the picture ... is it a Model-3 Cizek ?.
Have a good listening


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