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AR18J renewed, almost finished.

Giorgio AR

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Purchased in August 2018, this US pair of AR18J (AR18EJ = made in UK, for example) have been sleeping for over three years in the cellar waiting for their well-deserved restoration.
One tweeter had the coil interrupted, the other with low emission, I found an excellent pair of 200014-3 tweeters as a replacement, new foam to the woofers, although the capacitors were the infamous black / red Callins, at the measure they were still in the correct tolerance , so they remained in place.
It still remains to restore the vinyl veneer and to rebuild a pair of grilles.


... another small step forward, restore the small lacks of the veneer with small pieces of vinyl taken from another pair of AR18EJs that I demolished (due to the UK provenance of these AR18EJs, the color of the vinyl is different, but for now it's okay), glue all the veneer where it was previously detached.
It still remains to add 5 velcro straps on the baffle of a speakers, new grids still to be done ...



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Oops ... I have the wrong screws of the tweeters not with a cross head, but an Allen screw!
I corrected the error, now the screws are AR18 compliant.



After, the same tweeter with correct Allen screws


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